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Our Philosophy
We guarantee our budgets

If the scope stays relative, the bid equals the final invoice.

No one person is right for every job
So we offer a company of resources to direct your project while giving you the choice of specific technical and creative directors. This allows us to provide a team of the best individuals for the job while we supervise and direct a quality production.

We know the venue
So we leave experts to their own expertise and we produce (assemble) the elements to make it work together.

We always raise the bar
There is no such thing as a project that does not challenge us to set a new standard of excellence.

Overhead is our problem, not the client's
So we keep it small and it doesn't show up on the invoice.

Excellence. Pride. Experience. Teamwork. Often said, but not always delivered. We're not afraid to be proud, because we are a company built on people with unparalleled commitment to delivering amazing product. And we've only found one way to approach every project: We're unwilling to do anything less than raise the bar, have fun, and feel great about what we've accomplished. Together.

Audio By The Bay has provided creative and technical design and production services to leaders in the industry - from theme parks in Anaheim, Tokyo, and Orlando to large-format films to industrial events.

Team Members
We're completely willing and able to step into any project on any level. Although we pride ourselves on being a full service entertainment production company and our forte really is in delivering complete packages, we are also perfectly happy filling more specific needs as part of a larger team.

Project Driven
And even though we've had the chance to push the limits on some of the industry's biggest and most complicated projects (and loved every minute), every production gets the same care and commitment to quality.


New ideas. Innovation. Seamless integration of story and technology. We not only realize concepts, but we also create and develop them.
Concept Development
We offer a fresh viewpoint and great ideas for the use of film, video, audio, special effects, lighting, and ride/show systems.

Music Direction
Music often drives the story, and we offer a wide variety of musical style, interpretation, and composition resources to create solid and innovative musical routines.

Audio Design
We design complete audio environments, from music to sound effects, and know not only how to impress an audience, but how to communicate detail. We design and build audio hardware packages to suit any type of installation.

Video / Film Production
We’ve found new ways to use film and video to enhance shows and put people "in the moment".


Audio makes the experience. Audiences expect to be enveloped in the sound. We exceed that expectation. Every time.
Music, Sound Effects, Dialog/Character Voices, Recording, Post-Production. We focus on raising the sonic quality bar on every project, and have the portfolio to prove it.

Audio Post Facility
Our dedicated audio post production facility, Audio By The Bay, is designed specifically for theme park, environmental, and other surround sound projects. All digital signal path for editing, Foley, voice-overs, sound effects, mastering.

Hardware Design and Installation
Great sound requires great hardware design and installation. We believe in parallel conceptualization and development of audio content (software) and hardware.


In the age of home theater, high-definition television, and themed entertainment, we believe that film and video must be sculpted into complete experiences where story/theme, production, and presentation are totally integrated.
We have found new and unique ways in story, technology, and presentation to create high-impact film and video. From communicating simple messages in creative new ways to creating total virtual environments, we're certain that we have an exciting new way to present your message.

We have the industry's finest producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, and graphics designers right at our fingertips. And we have the reel to prove it.

Hardware Design and Installation
Final installation is always a first consideration before producing film or video. We have designed and/or installed every type of delivery in touring and permanent shows and facilities.

Programming / Show Control
From simple video loops to random-access video to multi-screen or projection image presentations, we can design, install, and program any type of moving picture.


Understanding that no single entertainment discipline operates on its own, we have integrated show elements into all types of show control system.
Programming / Show Control

In today's shows and attractions music, video, and audio rarely run "on their own" but rather are integrated into the big picture through show control.

ABTB has created it's own application know as UPCS - Universal Park-wide Control System. This robust software application, was designed to control every individual speaker in a Theme Park or Large Entertainment venue. From a central location, UPCS can route entertainment to any speaker, or, group of speakers. UPCS will control virtually any sub-system including Audio, Video Servers, Show FX systems and Lighting Consoles. Coupled with ABTB's Float Tracking System, UPCS will run a parade in any configuration imaginable. Please contact ABTB directly for more information.

We have supervised some of the most complex show control programs to realize some of the finest creative concepts in the industry. Our installations have used almost every type of show control methods:

  • SMPTE Time Code
  • MIDI Time Code/MMC
  • Control Tones
  • Q-Sys

With our development of Universal Park-wide Control System (UPCS), ABTB has created the most advance Synchronous Parade System on the planet.

Audio By The Bay Entertainment Group is part of Audio By The Bay Productions, Inc. comprised of three Business Units -

Music Production

Music & Audio Post Production

System Hardware and Design

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+1 (714) 547-9700
1101 E. Gene Autry Way
Anaheim, California 92805