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Audio By The Bay Productions provides full service music production, which includes pre-production, session production (both creative and administrative), and engineering. ABTB has a highly trained staff equipped to assist in all aspects of your production including music rights issues, studio bookings, musician contracting, singer contracting and more. Major areas of production include:
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Create musical concepts:
  • Brainstorm concept and approach of musical project.
Procure Music Director:
  • Recommend the right Music Director for the project from a large stable of talent based on type of music, personalities of key people in project, skill level needed, and budget considerations.
Procure Songwriters:
  • Audio By The Bay Productions has many proven and well-established songwriters available to fit your project.
Procure Orchestrators:
  • Recommend the right orchestrator to match your project.
Procure copyist:
  • A full range of music preparation from small and inexpensive to full service studio quality.
Procure musician contractor:
  • Coordinate all aspects of musicians between Music Producers and Music Director to ensure the right musicians for the project.
Procure vocal contractor:
  • Get the best singers available.
Oversee routining meetings:
  • Keeping all parties on track and communicating the end goal.


Produce recording sessions:
  • Creative and Administrative.
Engineer recording sessions:
  • Paul Freeman engineers all Audio By The Bay recording and mixing sessions. Paul has received twelve Grammy nominations for Engineering and Producing.
Budget Projects:
  • Complete breakdown of all music costs with guaranteed project price.
Create music production schedules:
  • Full production schedules created and maintained with regular updates for changes.
Consult on scope projects for music before team is assembled.

Advise and coordinate reference material.

Assemble rehearsal music.

Technical design.

Audio By The Bay regularly handles all music aspects of live shows - anything from a small pit band to over a 100 piece orchestra.


Music rights are a specialty at Audio By The Bay. We are very comfortable dealing with corporate legal departments or procuring licenses from the publishers directly. Audio By The Bay has the experience to handle any music rights situation professionally and quickly. The following are additional services Audio By The Bay provides:

  • Prepare re-use, new-use, and conversion contracts when necessary.
  • Advise and coordinate music rights issues.
  • Coordinate copyrighting of original songs.
We are also experienced full-service Music Supervisors. In addition to handling your music rights issues, we can coordinate all aspects of your music production, from studio scheduling, to musician contracting, to project management.

Audio By The Bay Entertainment Group is part of Audio By The Bay Productions, Inc. comprised of three Business Units -

Music Production

Music & Audio Post Production

System Hardware and Design

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+1 (714) 547-9700
1101 E. Gene Autry Way
Anaheim, California 92805