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Audio By The Bay Entertainment Group Selected Credits
Projects designed, produced, recorded, installed, and/or supervised by Audio By The Bay Entertainment Group staff:
s=soundtrack production/supervision
a=audio hardware design/install/consult
v=video hardware design/install
c=show control programming/consult
p=show/event producer


Universal Studios Beijing
Park-wide audio install (BGM, attractions, SFX) (s,a,p)
Universal Parade (s,a,p)
How to Train Your Dragon Untrainable (s,p)
Sing On Tour (s,p)
UPCS - Parade Control System (a)
Parade Hardware (a)
Park-wide system Programming (a)

DreamWorks Theatrical

Operation Cheesy Dibbles - Penguins of Madagascar(s)
Operation Vacation - Madagascar Live (s)
Prepare to Party - Madagascar Live (s)

Tokyo DisneySea

King Triton’s Concert (s)
2009 Spring Carnival (s)
2009 Countdown Fireworks Show (s)
Big Band Beat - Christmas 2007 (s)
Big Band Beat (s)
5th Anniversary Theme Song (s)
Dramatic DisneySea 2006 (2 Shows) (s)
Rhythms of the World 2006 (s)
Cape Cod Jamboree (s)
Rhythms of the World 2005 (s)
Rhythms of the World 03/04 (s)
Dramatic DisneySea (s)
Starlight Jazz (s)
Showbiz Is (s)
Opening Ceremony Theme Song (s)
Ports O Call Theme Songs (s)
Ports O Call Suite (s)
Grand Opening Ceremony (s,a)

Universal Studios Japan

Night Parade Spectacular (s, a, c)
2017 Summer Water Parade (s, a, c)
15th Anniversary Re-boooooorn Parade (s, a, c)
Violin Trio (s, d)
The Gift of Angels III (s,a,c)
The Wizzarding World Of Harry Potter (s)
Rainbow Circus (s,a,c)
A Gift of Angels - 2012 (s,a,c)
10th Anniversary Show - Dreams Are Universal (s,a,c)
10th Anniversary BGM Package (s,a)
Halloween Parade 2010 (s,a,c)
Magical Starlight Parade (s,a,v,c)
The Gift of Angels (s,a,c)
Santa’s Toy Party 2008 (s,a,c)
Fantastic World - Street Show (s,a,v,c)
Hollywood Dream Ride - Roller Coaster (s,v)
Toyland Dream - Christmas 2007 (s,a,c)
Wicked (s,a,c)
Peter Pan's Neverland - Lagoon Show (s,a,c)
Happy Harmony Celebration - 5th Anniversary (s,a,c)
White Christmas Carol (s,a,c)
Happy Harmony Celebration- Street Show (s,a,c)
Snoopy's Action Stage (s,c)
Parkwide BGM 04 (s)
Christmas 2001 Parkwide Music Themeing (s,c)
Beetlejuice Haunted Beat (s,c,a)
Sesame Street Birthday Show (s)
Christmastime Magic Lagoon Show (s)
Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show (s)
Midnight Monsterfest (s,a)
Animal Actors Stage (s)
Snoopy's Soundstage (s)
Miami Spice (s)

Disney's California Adventure

Hyperion Theater "Disney's Steps In Time" (s,a)
Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular (s)

Disney Cruise Line

CINDERELLA - Twice Charmed 2016 (s)
The Golden Mickeys (s,c)
CINDERELLA - Twice Charmed (s,c)

Universal Islands of Adventure

Pandemonium Cartoon Circus (s,a)

Busch Entertainment Corporation

Blue Horizons - San Diego (s)
Aquatica Parwide BGM & Original Song (s)
Shamu Rocks - Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio (s)
Bounce (s)
Discovery Cove Nature Trail (s)

Nissan and Infiniti 1999/2000

Xterra/Pathfinder Pavilion (s,a,v,c,p)
DQR Pavilion (s,a,v,c,p)
Infiniti Performance Wall (s,a,v,c,p)
IRL/Q45/I30/G20 (s,a,v,c,p)


Parade Of The Stars 45th Anniversary Parade (s)
Animazement! The Musical (s)
Mulan Parade (s,c)
It's A Small World Holiday (s,c)
Hercules Victory Parade (s,c)
Light Magic (s,c)
Hunchback of Notre Dame Festival of Fools (s,c)
The Spirit of Pocahontas (s)
Main Street Electrical Parade (s)

Hong Kong Disneyland

5th Anniversary Theme Song (s)
Chinese New Year Celebration 2008 (s)
Christmas Parade 2007 (s,c)
Christmas Castle Lighting 2007 (s,c)
Halloween “Glow In The Park” Parade (s,c)
The Golden Mickeys (s)

Walt Disney World

Fantasmic! (s)
Mulan Parade (s,a,c)
Disney Cruise Line (s)
Main Street Electrical Parade (s)

Tokyo Disneyland

25th Anniversary Spring Carnival (s)
25th Anniversary Meet & Smile (s)
25th Anniverary Greeting Parade (s)
25th Anniverary Theme Song & Fireworks Show (s)
20th Anniversary Celebration (s)
Princess Days Parade (s)
Light Up The Sky Countdown Fireworks (s)
15th Anniversary Castle Show (s,a)
15th Anniversary Parade (s,a,c)
Hercules The Hero Parade (s,a,c)
Fiesta Tropical (s)
Aladdin's Great Adventure (s)
Fantillusion! (s,c)
Main Street Electrical Parade (s)

Warner Bros. Movie World

Batman Rules Stunt Show (s)

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

A Bug's Life "Bug House" experience, touring version and El Capitan Theater (s,a,v,c)
Toy Story Fun House experience, El Capitan Theater and Disneyland versions (s,a,c)
Armageddon Asteroid Set Experience - Walt Disney Studios ShoWest Summer 98 Heatwave (s,a)


Jeff Beck, Jodi Benson, Luis Conte, Marvin Gaye, Eills Hall, Allan Holdsworth,
Kenny Loggins, Mike Love, Henry Mancini, Freddie Mercury, Martha Reeves,
Stevie Wonder, Ambrosia, America, The Beach Boys, Papa Doo Run Run,
The Party, Seattle Symphony, Toto, USC Marching Band


Vee Corporation

Hello Kitty Tour 2015 (s)
Sesame Street USO Tour 2015 (s)
Sesame Street Live - 2013 (s)
Sesame Street Live - 2012 (s)
Sesame Street Live - 2011 (s)
Curious George Live (s)
Sesame Street Live - Big Bird's Sunny Day Camp Out (s,a)

Nissan and Infiniti

Xterra Reveal - International Auto Show (s,a,v,c,p)
New Z Reveal - International Auto Show (s,a,v,c,p)
SUT Concept Reveal - International Auto Show (s,a,v,c,p)
2000 Maxima Reveal - Chicago Auto Show (s,a,v,c,p)
Z and 2000 I30 Reveals - New York Auto Show (s,a,v,c,p)

Buena Vista/Disney

Monster's Inc. - El Capitan Theater (s,c)
The Emperor's New Groove - El Capitan Theater (s)
Toy Story II Pre-Show - El Capitan Theater (s)
Tarzan Pre-Show - El Capitan Theater (s)
Flubber Pre-Show - Alex Theater Glendale (s)
Hercules World Premiere Television Special and Electrical Parade - New York City (s)
Evita World Premiere (s)
Pocahontas Preimere In The Park - New York Central Park (s,a)
101 Dalmations Premiere and Pre-Show (s)
Hunchback of Notre Dame Premiere and Pre-Show (s)


Miscellaneous Film

The Tank (s)
Mel Brooks: Make A Noise (Mel Brooks Composer, Alan Lee Silva Arranger) - American Masters (s)
Beyond All Boundaries (Bruce Broughton & Timothy Williams, Composers - Tom Hanks, Exec. Producer)
Star Crosssed (Timothy Mark Williians, Composer) (s)
The Passage (Timothy Mark Williians, Composer) (s)
Shoot or Be Shot (Joseph Alfuso, Composer) (s)
Desert Heat (Bill Conti, composer) (s)
Winchell (HBO: Bill Conti, composer) (s)
Carry A Dream (animated feature, Sheena Easton song) (s)
The Outsider (Independent) (s,p)
At Sea (MacGillivry/Freeman Films for IMAX) (s)
Hard Bodies (s)
On Any Sunday II (s)
Blame It On Rio (s)
Aliens The Encounter (Iwerks Entertainment) (s)


News Stand (s)
Time (s)
Entertainment Weekly
CNN: (Bill Conti, composer) (s)

Los Angeles Times Film Trailers

On The Edge (s,v,p)
First Day (s,v,p)
Inspiration (s,v,p)
A Better Idea (s,v,p)

Misc. Television

Comic Strip Live (s)
Sunday Night Comics (s)
The Gary Shandling Show (s)
Our House (s)
Simon and Simon (s)


Night Dance (LaVienta)
California Project (Beach Boys)
Through The Black Hole (from "Fantastic Journey")
Distant Songs (Barry Gordon)
Music Of Espionages (Spies)
By Way Of The World (Spies - 1st Surround Sound CD Release)
Bachbusters (Don Dorsey: Billboard #1)
Beethoven or Bust (Don Dorsey: Billboard #1)
Dancing In The Street (various Motown Artists)

Audio By The Bay Entertainment Group is part of Audio By The Bay Productions, Inc. comprised of three Business Units -

Music Production

Music & Audio Post Production

System Hardware and Design

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