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Founded in 1992, Audio By The Bay Entertainment Group has quickly grown into one of the premiere creative and technical production companies in the entertainment industry. Audio By The Bay currently provides creative, audio, video, show control, special effects, and show production services to many of the top companies in theme park, location-based entertainment, television, film, and advertising/marketing industries. With extensive backgrounds in audio design and production as well as theme park show production, Audio By The Bay's principals have a been a part of some of the biggest entertainment projects ever produced.

Twelve-time Grammy nominated Producer/Engineer
Paul Freeman has recorded, mixed, and/or produced projects for many recording artists, film companies, and theme parks, including countless projects for Disneyland and The Walt Disney Company dating back to the classic "Main Street Electrical Parade". Bob Wackerman is an accomplished studio musician and producer, and before joining Audio By The Bay in 1996, served as Manager of the Music Department at Disneyland.  ABTB has received 10 Brass Ring Awards, 8 THEA Awards, 2 Emmys and a special Technology Academy Award for it’s work on the Tom Hanks film “Beyond All Boundaries” – National WWII Musium.

  • Corporate Office and Audio/Video Post facility located at 1101 East Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, California 92805, USA
  • Satellite mix facility located in Eden, Utah
  • Remote support Systems Group facility located in Miers, France
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Audio By The Bay Entertainment Group is part of Audio By The Bay Productions, Inc. comprised of three Business Units -

Music Production

Music & Audio Post Production

System Hardware and Design

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+1 (714) 547-9700
1101 E. Gene Autry Way
Anaheim, California 92805