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ABTB wins another IAAPA Brass Ring Award! Universal Japan's "The Crystal Promise".
Voted "The Most Creative Christmas Show".
USJ’s Crystal Promise Christmas show was just awarded a 2021 Brass Ring Award by IAAPA! Congratulations
to all involved in this fantastic production!! ABTB is so proud to have lead this amazing team!
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Universal Beijing claims "Best Show" award in park's first year!

ABTB is VERY proud to have created the music and Sound design for "How To Train Your Dragon - Untrainable". Thank you "Theme Park Insider" for the recognition!
How to Train Your Dragon: Untrainable from Universal Studios Beijing has won the honor in our Best Show category this year. Featuring large-scale puppetry, projections, animation, scrims, and live-action stunts, Untrainable follows Toothless, Hiccup, and Astrid among many other favorite characters from the Dreamworks Animation franchise.

Very proud of our team and honored to be included in this amazing Hasbas/Universal Creative team in developing and mounting this show.
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ABTB completes Universal Beijing Resort - All park-wide Media, park-wide Programming, Parade Programming and install - installations.
ABTB began roughly four years ago creating music, SFX and BGM for Universal Studios newest theme park - UBR, opened September 20, 2021. A few of the Music projects includes stage shows ("Untrainable - How To Train Your Dragon" & "Sing on Tour") as well as the "This is Universal" Parade and Main Gate Theme song. Roc Chen, a Chinese film composer and Timothy Williams an American film composer, were hired to compose the new Main Gate Theme - "East Meets West". The recordings for the park has taken ABTB to London, Hollywood, Vienna and China.

ABTB provided not only music services but on-site mixing of the entire park, park-wide programming, parade control system UPCS, float audio design and integration as well as parade programing.

ABTB deployed a small (but mighty) army of the best to Beijing to conquer the task(s). This was a massive undertaking on all fronts. ABTB can't thank UBR staff and leadership enough for the support, belief in us and the continued and unvarying push to "raise the bar" creatively.

ABTB is extremely proud of this venture and all that worked to make this fantastic destination a reality during such difficult times - BRAVO!!
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UNIVERSAL PARKWIDE CONTROL SYSTEM (UPCS) installed at Universal Studios Japan and is now running the most technically advanced and complex parade ever created.

The ABTB difference.
Neither of our competitor's are in a position to advise a client on a total parade audio and control package

  • Competitor 1 - has an overly-complex control system that requires a less-than-intuitive approach to scripting.
    • They don’t provide:
      • Float audio speakers and amplification
      • Wayside audio speakers and amplification
      • wi-fi network
      • An accurate parade route map
    • They do have:
      • A finicky and expensive GPS-only float tracking solution
      • A non-user-friendly programming interface that requires compiling before most changes can take effect
      • The ability to design and program custom UI screens
      • Only one sole “parade” client
  • Competitor 2 - has a simple and basic playback and audio/video crossfading system.
    • They don’t provide:
      • Float audio speakers, dsp and amplification
      • Wayside audio speakers, dsp and amplification
      • A specific proven float tracking solution
      • Actual real-world experience with what it takes to design, set up, maintain and operate a parade in the real world.
      • They have no “parade” clients yet or have ever “done” a parade other than to provide playback hardware.
      • They allude to the supporting systems (Qsys DSP, wi-fi network, wheel encoder, etc.) but aren’t clear on the implications of each subsystem requirements or choice. 

A park or client considering a parade needs to know much more than just that they can connect an Audio Delivery system to their existing speakers and have a quality parade. The devil is in the details at every step in the design and implementation process.

  • Float artistic design impacts audio quality and effectiveness.
  • Float power and wiring impacts ease in operation.
  • The number, location and type of speakers needs to be considered in an effective parade design.
  • Parade route design can also impact creative/music design considerations 
  • If a client is going to spend “parade-level money” they should want a quality parade; a show without good sound is a weak show, no matter the visual contents or concept. 

So, ABTB can (individually or collectively) provide:
  • Experienced know-how to avoid a client from making costly mistakes in designing and mounting a parade !!
  • Experienced audio system design for onboard Float systems
  • Experienced audio system design for wayside audio reinforcement
  • Experienced music arrangement, recording, mixing and post production
  • Guidance on parade wi-fi network requirements and setup
  • A proven and flexible scripting and operation interface designed by the most experienced parade operators in the world

UPCS is a:
  • Property-wide audio controller
  • Designed with parades and parade operation in mind 
  • Flexible system to allow for creative options to be implemented or changed quickly 
  • Automatic backup fail-safe operation
  • Direct on-board control interface via the off-board UPCS client
  • Driver modules for communicating with external systems 

One of the key bottom lines for a client is to understand that “Parades are not as simple as you’d like them to be (or as simple as some would have you believe). Parades don’t have to be as complicated as others would have you implement. If you want a parade or park audio system, ABTB can and help you do it right.”

contact ABTB for further information re: UPCS - THANK YOU!!

Audio By The Bay Entertainment Group is part of Audio By The Bay Productions, Inc. comprised of three Business Units -

Music Production

Music & Audio Post Production

System Hardware and Design

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